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    “Scott and Ms. Gail are absolutely the best!

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    “I feel like I get an honest hands-on experience with the team at Sturdivant Insurance. Sturdivant made dealing with a car accident far less stressful than it could have been. Knowing that I can call them when I need them gives me peace of mind, and I truly feel like a valued client at Sturdivant. A+

  • LS

    “Our family has used Sturdivant Insurance for several years now and we love it. Peter and his office are very knowledgable and we appreciate the time they take to make our experiences smooth. They are always quick to respond to a request or question and they are extremely service minded to keep us protected and taken care of. They are honest, good people that you can tell love what they do. I gladly refer friends to this company.”

  • KJ

    “Sturdivant Insurance is a great company and I liked that they explained policies clearly and what was best for us. Staff is always patient and helpful. Thumbs up.

  • CR

    “I love Sturdivant Insurance! Peter and his team are knowledgeable and helpful. They are responsive when I have questions and always willing to help me through challenges. I am from Nashville and would recommend Sturdivant Insurance to other natives as well as anyone new to the area. I can’t imagine having another insurance agent.

  • RG

    “I’ve been working with Sturdivant Insurance for almost 5 years (as of 3/’17) and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Peter spends whatever time is needed to carefully explain, in terms I can understand, what coverage I should have and why. He is also upfront about what I don’t need or when specific concerns are already covered. Since we review regularly, I’m confident that everything is as it should be.
    In general, I believe we get what we pay for. With that said, I can tell you that Sturdivant Insurance is a rare value. The original reason I began working with Peter was because he found home and auto policies that provided same coverage but for literally half what I was paying. After that I discussed with him my concern over having proper coverage for some rental properties that were, at the time, under major renovation. In this case, it turned out that I had the wrong coverage and was again paying more than I needed to. After educating me and putting the proper insurance in place he also took care of everything when it was time to switch from construction liability to coverage appropriate for rental homes.
    Despite knowing that I save money with Sturdivant, it’s the personal service and sincerity that is why I’m writing this review. The professional manner in which the Sturdivant team handles all my needs and concerns is great, but when our home suffered wind damage and my wife’s car was the victim of a hit and run, Peter personally arrived quickly on the scene and took care of business. Any claims we’ve needed to file were handled quickly and efficiently and the payments were processed almost immediately.
    In addition to home, auto and rental property insurance, we also trust Sturdivant to insure our property and business in 5 Points as well as professional liability. With all the other concerns and anxieties of running a small company and raising a family, I feel very fortunate knowing that, regardless of what might happen, I’m protected. The fact that they’re an East Nashville business means a lot to me as well.
    Usually when writing a review I try to be objective and mention any negatives or shortcomings there might be as it tends to lend credibility to all the positives. In the case of Sturdivant Insurance I can honestly report that I’ve had no negative experiences or witnessed any shortcomings. In our 5 year relationship I’ve only had my expectations exceeded.

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    “Erie is awesome”

  • CR

    “When I moved to Nashville, one of the things I loved about the community was how everyone made an effort to support local businesses. I never thought about switching my auto insurance, but after talking with Kevin at Sturdivant Insurance I am glad that I did. I now have a lower monthly rate, with the same coverage that I had before. That means I have more money to spend at Mas Tacos, and that makes me happy. Also, the agents at Sturdivant Insurance live locally in East Nashville and are able to be reached on their phones whenever I need to reach them.

    Great business. Great guys. Check them out if you like saving money and all that.”

  • CK

    “Sturdivant Insurance is without peer in the industry. Since initially getting started with the company, Peter has met with me on multiple occasions to review my policies and adjust my coverage to match the changes in my life, as appropriate.
    In the process, I’ve become more educated on what coverages really make sense and I appreciate knowing that I have someone I can trust to tell me candidly what decisions make the most sense.
    The turnaround time on any request is always within hours (usually within 1 hour), and the staff are all outstanding. If they don’t have an answer, they go get one promptly.
    I can’t recommend an insurance company more than I recommend Sturdivant Insurance. I didn’t realize that you could actually expect much from an insurance company, but this crew has totally changed my expectations and I plan on being a lifelong customer.
    Do something good for yourself today and call these guys. You’ll be so glad you did.”

  • AB

    “Great agent. He knows his stuff and really cares about his clients. I can’t say enough good things about Peter / Sturdivant Ins.